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Relief Mining Engineers

One cannot hurry up a recruitment process, forbid Engineers from taking Annual Leave, postpone role rotations, nor refuse Engineer secondment to a Project while their role has no one to take care of. This results in a critical Mining Engineering service shortage, disrupting Technical Services departments’ service provision, as well as the mine’s operational efficiency.

Our team of experienced Mining Engineers and allied Technical Services personnel are available for Relief Engineering coverage. Relief Mining Engineers provide continuity to provision of services onsite. Remember, onsite is anywhere you work from, at the mine or at your head office, and we are available for short, medium and long term mine planning work. Relief Engineers also provide mentoring for your Mining Engineers whenever required at no extra cost.

Mine Production areas can utilise our Relief Mining Engineers for the following market delivery optimisation support;

truck and shovel operation evaluation and optimisation for increased utilisation and productivity

dragline performance analysis and improvement

drill & blast operations, systems and process evaluation for best blast delivery (timing and fragmentation)

coal quality - loss and dilution, blending and quality forecasts

A team of experienced Geologists, Environmentalists and Mine Surveyors offers associated Technical Services and are available on request.

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