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Offsite Mining Engineers

Maximise Mining Engineering value! Why keep excess Mining Engineers when you can outsource. Our Mining Engineers are just off your site but provide the same crucial services as if onsite, through robust mine planning and design work. We provide individually tailored Mining Engineering services to meet each client’s requirements. The Mining Engineers use industry-wide popular mine planning software, namely, Vulcan, Deswik, XPAC, SPRY, TALPAC, XACT and 3DDig. The Engineers are also proficient in other mine planning enabling software like SAP, Leica, Modular, MRoc, MinVu and Corvus. 

Northcutt Mining Consultants provide astounding offsite mine planning services in the following areas;

mine planning – medium and long term planning

mine scheduling - medium to life of mine schedules

mine designing - pit design optimisation

cost evaluation - costing of designs, schedules and mine operations

resource planning - resource planning, evaluation and optimisation

landform planning - land form design for rehabilitation liability evaluations and audits

Engage an Engineer only when you need one, and for as long as you need them. Utilise our Offsite Mining Engineers as “On Call” Mining Engineers for urgent appraisals of mine planning and operational/production work. Very short notices and short contracts are catered for, depending on distance.

Our Mining Engineers are under the guidance of an experienced Principal Consultant with more than 20 years of coal open cut mining, ranging from strip mining to terrace mining. The Principal Mining Consultant is highly experienced in widely used mine scheduling and mine design software, namely, XPAC, TALPAC, XACT, Vulcan, 3DDig and Surpac.

Our mining professionals are available for short or long term contracts.

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